How to register a work

You can register works as a writer or publisher though our online registration system. We cannot collect money and pay royalties for any work that has not been registered.

Unpublished writers

If your work has not been published, you can still earn royalties by registering your works.

Co-writers: if your work has been registered by someone else, to make sure you need to 'authorise' your own shares by following our process.

Published writers

Your publisher will usually register and manage your works. You will still have access to these works so you can check the royalty shares for all interested parties, and update the work details if you need to.

Publisher agreement numbers

If you’re registering work in your catalogue, you’ll need to include an agreement number for each registration. You can find this number by searching the system with your writer’s name or your own. If you don’t have an agreement number, you can register a publisher agreement now

Multiple registration software for publishers

If you’d like to use Common Works Registration software for creating multiple registrations, please get in touch with our Publisher Support Team

Using the system

Once you’ve logged in to the system, you can save a registration and come back later to complete it. You can also move backwards and forwards through the screens to make any changes using the Back and Next buttons. 

Cancelling your registration

You can cancel the registration at any point before you’ve submitted. However, once you’ve sent your submission, you’ll need to create another registration. Once your new registration has a tune code, you can ask us to merge this with the first registration. 

Confirming your registration

We aim to set up all registrations in our works database within two working days. Sometimes we might need to contact you for further details, so full registration can take a little longer. 

switching account

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