Under 25

Are you a music creator and under 25?

We are making it easier for emerging talent to earn money from their music. If you are under 25, you can join PRS with a discounted membership fee of £30.

What we're doing

We want to help young artists protect their rights and royalties as they make their first steps into the industry.

If you are a songwriter, composer or writer-producer and your music is being streamed, performed live or broadcast on the radio or TV, you could be earning royalties from your work. Find out whether now is the right time to join PRS.

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Find out more about what we're doing to support new and upcoming creators aged under 25

The discount is open to those applying for PRS writer membership and are aged 24 and under when submitting their application.

No, the discount only applies to PRS membership.

When you apply, you’ll be asked questions as part of the joining process. This is to see if you’re likely to earn back your membership fee in the first year.

If you’re not likely to earn enough to cover your membership fee in the first year, then you might want to wait until your music is being used more.

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