Tom Leek

How to... engage with your fanbase

Tom Leek, co-founder of the creative marketing agency NYX, tells M Magazine how to leverage digital tools and techniques to maximise your reach.

Liam Konemann
  • By Liam Konemann
  • 12 Sep 2022
  • min read

Digital marketing is an important tool for reaching new audiences and engaging more effectively with your existing networks. As co-founder of the creative marketing agency NYX, Tom Leek has engaged these techniques on behalf of major names across music, fashion and culture to maximise their reach.

Today, NYX is responsible for some of the biggest residencies in Ibiza, at venues including Hï & Ushuaia, DC-10 and Amnesia. The agency also works with artist clients including Amelie Lens and The Martinez Brothers. Here, Tom sets out his advice for songwriters and artists who want to use the tools of digital marketing to engage with their fanbase more actively. 

Take the conversation off social media

Can you create a community on alternative marketing platforms? Telegram groups, WhatsApp broadcasts and alternative messaging platforms can be a great way to communicate. All of these allow you to send push notifications to a user’s phone in the same way you would to your friend. This is not only free, but also much more effective than a Facebook or Instagram notification, with open rates normally around 72 percent.

Drive data capture through incentives

Data is critical to driving digital growth. The more data you have, the greater opportunity you have for direct digital marketing. Offering fans incentives to hand over data  - such as exclusive access to merch, music or tickets in return for their email address - gives you the opportunity to communicate with the people in the future. Email address and phone numbers are also critical in paid ads for targeting warm audiences, so the more data you collect the stronger your paid ad strategy.

Appreciate the individuality of different marketing tools

Instagram and Facebook are very different platforms, TikTok and Soundcloud different again. It is important to understand the different best practices and create unique content for each platform. By creating individual assets and following best practise. By following this strategy you will get the best from each platform and see growth across multiple channels. By replicating the same content on each channel you will usually only see noticeable growth on one as you no longer encourage your fans to navigate to other platforms.

Know your algorithm

It is important to understand how growth works. Instagram works on a score system. Different actions create different scores and these ultimately lead to create visibility. Using the tools within the app, such as stickers, polls, sliders and alarms, encourage engagement. They are designed to be easy to use and attractive to the end user. The more your fans engage with these the more favourably the algorithm will show your upcoming posts and important information.

Get the most out of partnerships

Look to collaborate and leverage. If you can encourage user generated content your fans will become your sales force. Build stickers for an upcoming show or release and encourage your fans to use these on there videos of your shows or create a space for remix challenges in both the studio or on TikTok. The more you can leverage 3rd parties the more you can tap into new markets.