How we process counterclaims

Before you make a claim on a registered work, it can be possible to resolve this with the original claimant who first registered the work. They can update the work details in the works database so there’s no need for you to claim a share that would trigger the counterclaims process.

When you first make a claim

If your claim on a work conflicts with the existing work share, this will be flagged in our system and we may contact you with a request for information to support your claim. We might also contact the existing rightsholder(s).

If we request more information 

If we don't receive the requested information, usually within 60 days, we will update our database to reflect your newly claimed share.

If we receive the requested information, the claim enters our Disputes and Duplicate Claims system. We'll suspend royalty payments on the work and hold them in our dispute account until we receive notice that the disagreement has been resolved. 

When we don't request evidence

Some counterclaims, such as bulk cases or samples, aren't resolved with a request for evidence. For these, we will suspend royalties until we receive legal confirmation that the shares should be changed or remain the same. 

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