July 2022 Distribution update

In July 2022 we are delivering a 23% increase in royalties paid, compared to the same distribution last year. A significant percentage of royalties being paid are from music used in the first three months of this year, although some royalties relate to music used in previous periods.

This January to March, most music venues, large gigs, and sporting events were back at full capacity. This is reflected in the significant increase in Public Performance royalties paid out, up by 622% year-on-year.

In this distribution we have also delivered a 65% increase in royalties from on-demand streaming services such as Netflix and BBC iPlayer (UK General Entertainment) Online compared to this time in 2021. This is the result of our newly agreed licences, including with Apple and Disney+, and the overall growth in the market. 
  • Spotify (MTOL) residuals – 2016-2017
  • Netflix – Q4 2021
  • Non-Live Public Performance – Q1 2022 – these are royalties from music played in public places such as pubs, restaurants, cafes, shops and other businesses.
  • Public Reception – Q1 2022 – these are royalties paid when music is played on radio and TV in public places such as pubs, cafés, hotels, hairdressers etc.
  • Royalties from American society ASCAP – Q3 2021
  • Residual revenue for the Audio Visual 2021 licensing year – this reconciliation is being paid following the last payment of the previous licence year.
  • SKY GEOL On Demand Q3 – Q4 2021 – The missing information required to apportion revenue has been received and so royalties can be paid out.
  • HayU GEOL Q3 2016 – Q4 2021 – The new licence has now been agreed and so royalties can be paid out.
  • Soundtrack Your Brand Business (MTOL) Q3 2019 – Q2 2020 – After two years of various processing issues, we are now able to distribute 6 quarters worth of usage
  • Amazon Music additional territories (MTOL) Q3 2018 – Q4 2020 – Now that additional territories have been licensed, we are distributing payments from earlier usage in these new territories.
  • YouTube SVOD (MTOL) Q1 2021 – Q3 2021

We’re aiming to pay all the royalties listed below in the October 2022 distribution:

  • TalkSPORT Q4 2021 – Q1 2022 – Incomplete data received from the licensee means this is expected to be paid in the next main distribution following receipt of the full data.
  • MTV / VIACOM (Q1 2022) – Further channel information is required from the licensee to accurately apportion revenue to each channel for distribution.
  • NBC Universal (Q1 2022) – Licensing discussions are ongoing for this service and the contract has not yet been signed.
  • Nordic Entertainment Group (Q1 2022) – Licensing discussions are ongoing for this service and the contract has not yet been signed. MCPS licenced and invoiced for period, but PRS unlicensed whilst we conclude new agreement – these cannot be submitted separately and PRS and MCPS periods should not be misaligned. Expected to be distributed in October 2022
  • Due to the ongoing war in Ukraine, we are currently not receiving payments from Russia or Belarus.
  • BT Vision GEOD (General Entertainment on Demand) Q1 2019 – Q4 2021 – Licensing discussions remain ongoing for this service and the final contract has not yet been signed.
  • Italian society SIAE Q1 2021 – Payments were received after the July 2022 deadline, so will be included in the October 2022 distribution.
  • French Society SACEM Q4 2021 – Q1 2022 – Earlier in the year we reached an agreement with the French Tax authorities following a long-standing dispute over tax payments. We are in the final stages of supplying further documents to the French Tax Office and aiming for royalties to be paid out to members by the end of the year.
  • Deezer (MTOL) Q3 2021 – Q4 2021 – Minor processing delays meaning this was not ready in time for the July distribution.
  • Amazon Music (MTOL) Q4 2021 - More time is required to process the invoices necessary to pay members.

More detail on the July distributions 

We’ve put together more detail on which previously held royalties were paid as well as royalties we weren't able to pay out in July:

We will continue to update this page as soon as we have more information, so keep checking back for further news.

This information was last updated on 8 July 2022.

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