UK Music unveils 2020 Workforce Diversity Survey

UK Music, the voice of the UK’s commercial music industry, launches survey in fight to bring about “major change"

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Please spare a few minutes to take part in the UK Music Workforce Diversity Survey 2020. Regardless of your background, we need your help to kickstart change.

The Workforce Diversity Survey tracks progress to boost diversity and inclusion in the UK’s music industry that contributes £5.2 billion a year to the UK economy and sustains 190,000 jobs.

UK Music, the umbrella body that represents the commercial music business, said the globally respected survey comes at a crucial time for the industry in the wake of #BlackOutTuesday, #TheShowMustBePaused and protests in support of Black Lives Matter.

Led by UK Music’s Diversity Taskforce and its chair Ammo Talwar MBE, the survey collates data from across the music business including studios, management agencies, music publishers, major and independent record labels, music licensing companies and the live music sector.

Launched in 2016, the findings of the survey give the music industry, Government and other stakeholders a critical insight into where improvements are needed regarding diversity and inclusion - and highlights where positive change is already under way.

The survey is rolled out this week across the UK music industry and UK Music will publish the results of the survey later this year as part of a report. The survey results are published every two years. 


Now is not the time for silence! We need major change at pace with impact in the music industry. This survey helps to kickstart the change we all want and deserve. Our diversity is the source of our greatest strength. Help us shape the new voices in the music industry by being part of the change. Vision without evidence and action is a dream. Action without vision is a nightmare. Help shape the future of the music industry to ensure diversity sits front, centre and back.

Ammo Talwar, Chair, UK Music Diversity Taskforce

Our workforce should be as diverse as the millions of fans who enjoy the incredible work produced by our world-leading industry. A key part of ensuring we reflect that diversity is our commitment to tracking improvements and changes in our industry so we can make further progress. Our Music Industry Workforce Diversity Survey is a crucial part of this work and we would urge everyone in the music industry to complete the survey to help identify areas where there is more work to do. Government and Parliament is listening and we will be working with them to ensure the policy landscape is fit for purpose so diversity in our sector can flourish.                                                                      Rachel Bolland, Head of Diversity, UK Music


Whilst we know there are issues surrounding ethnicity and gender within the music industry workforce, if we want to bring about a change in those areas of under-representation we need to use the power of data to help us better understand the challenge, and navigate a way forward.

Paulette Long OBE, Deputy Chair, UK Music Diversity Taskforce


We have a duty to our employees and to the music creators we represent to instigate change, to nurture an inclusive environment, and to build an organisation that upholds the same values we want to live by. The Workforce Diversity Survey is a much-needed initiative and catalyst for change, and we urge you to take part. 

Andrea C. Martin, CEO, PRS for Music


Music creators are the epicentre of our world - there should be no question or doubt cast over whether they are valued and represented equally, given the same opportunities, and access to career progression. We must do more, collectively, and individually, to ensure that is the case. PRS for Music actively supports the UK Music Diversity Taskforce and its mission to make our industry a fair and inclusive space for everyone, at every level. 

Nigel Elderton, Chairman, PRS for Music
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