PRS for Music welcomes the UK Music Diversity Report 2020

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PRS for Music welcomes the UK Music Diversity Report 2020 and is incredibly proud to support and commit to the Ten-Point Plan, a much-needed and progressive course of action, devised to encourage and importantly, sustain diversity at every level.

As an organisation at the heart of the music industry, we recognise that we have a key role to play in creating positive and lasting change. It is our responsibility to tackle inequality in all its forms and that is why diversity and inclusion is embedded into our values and core strategic objectives.

There is much in the findings of this year’s UK Music Diversity Report that shows our industry is starting to move in the right direction, but it is also evident that more must be done. Our commitment to the UK Music Ten-Point Plan will keep challenging us to scrutinise and address every area of our business, from our internal culture, to recruitment, right through to senior representation and our Board.

At PRS for Music, we recognise the need to encourage and facilitate open dialogue on diversity and inclusion issues. We are undertaking a comprehensive engagement programme, listening to our employees and members in order to understand how we can adapt and evolve – feeding their thoughts and ideas directly into our policies and strategies. We already had good foundations in place and that is owed to the dedicated and brilliant minds of our employees and the talented music creators we represent. Their constructive contributions have played a vital role in shaping our diversity and inclusion activity for many years.

PRS for Music is focused on making change happen, because more diverse organisations are more creative and make better decisions.

PRS for Music actively supports the UK Music Diversity Taskforce and its mission to make our industry a fair and inclusive space for everyone, at every level.

Andrea C. Martin

CEO, PRS for Music

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