PRS for Music’s Scottish songwriting talent talk music industry issues with SNP MPs

SNP Culture Media spokesperson Brendan O’Hara MP and PRS for Music hosted a number of Scottish MPs, musicians and songwriters at the House of Commons

Scottish National Party (SNP) Culture Media spokesperson, Brendan O’Hara MP, and UK performing right society, PRS for Music, played host to a number of Scottish MPs, musicians and songwriters at a lunch in the House of Commons on Monday (29 January).

The event provided a unique opportunity for music creatives and members of Scottish Parliament to come together and discuss current issues faced by the industry, highlighting the challenges brought by the evolution of digital markets, Brexit and the rapid closure of music venues in recent years.

Among the high-profile guests who attended were film & pop songwriter Gary Clark (Danny Wilson, Sing Street) and hit singer-songwriter Jim Duguid (Speedway, Paolo Nutini, Lukas Graham). The music creators were joined by SNP MPs Pete Wishart, Patrick Grady and Deidre Brock, and Public Affairs representatives from PRS for Music.


For generations, Scotland has produced world-class songwriters and composers. It's a pleasure for me to host the latest crop of talent at the House of Commons to learn more about their concerns and to understand how the SNP can help support their dreams and ambitions in the future.

Host and SNP Culture spokesperson, Brendan O’Hara MP

There is no question that the Scottish music industry is succeeding on a global scale. However, that success is not a given; talent and hard work aren’t enough anymore. In the digital world, success requires the ongoing support of the powers that be to ensure we can remain not just vibrant but viable. Occasions such as this are a wonderful opportunity to have conversations about how politicians and the music industry can work together to safeguard the Scottish music industry from the roots up.

Songwriter Gary Clark

PRS for Music is proud to represent Scottish songwriters, composers and publishers whose talents and skills are renowned around the world. Music is an important part of Scotland’s cultural heritage. Today we discussed with Scottish MPs how we can strengthen and grow the sector to ensure that it is an important part of its cultural future.

PRS for Music Head of Public Affairs, John Mottram

Pictured above at the House of Commons, Westminster are: Top L-R: Deidre Brock MP, Gary Clark (songwriter), Pete Wishart MP, Scott Walker (PRS), Rachel Newton (harpist and songwriter), Patrick Grady MP. Bottom L-R: John Mottram (PRS), Charlie Jefferson (composer), Brendan O’Hara MP, Jim Duguid (songwriter)

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