PPL and PRS for Music introduce new joint community radio licence

The licence is available to Ofcom-licensed community radio stations broadcasting on AM or FM and comes as both organisations aim to simplify tariffs for their customers

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UK music licensing organisations, PPL and PRS for Music, have introduced a new joint licence, which came into effect on 1 January 2017, for Ofcom-licensed community radio stations broadcasting on AM or FM.  Both organisations are committed to simplifying music licensing for their customers and this new joint licence represents the first joint initiative for the radio broadcast sector.

Previously, not-for-profit community radio stations were required to purchase two separate licences from PPL and PRS for Music to cover the inclusion of music within their broadcasts.  By offering a joint licence, PPL and PRS for Music have further reduced the administration associated with licensing music rights for the community radio sector.

The joint licence is administered by PPL on behalf of both organisations and community radio stations can apply for and purchase their licence online via PPL’s website. In addition, as well as covering a station’s AM or FM broadcast, the optional right to license internet simulcasts and / or  small scale DAB simulcasts is included within the joint licence.

In accordance with the terms of their Ofcom licences, community radio stations are not-for-profit organisations that create direct links with their listeners, providing training opportunities and other social benefits to their local areas. 


We are delighted to be able to offer this new joint licence for community radio stations with PRS for Music; the first joint tariff for us in the radio broadcast sector.  Community radio plays a huge role in engaging with local listeners and stations are very often run by volunteers – we have spoken to our existing licensees and the Community Media Association and this simplified joint licence is a result of that consultation.  Approximately 240 on-air community radio stations will benefit from the new joint licence, as well as any future stations.

Jez Bell, Chief Licensing Officer, PPL

Radio can play an important role in bringing local communities together, with music helping to create vibrant and engaging programming for its listeners. Working together with PPL, we are pleased to be able to help community radio stations by ensuring that music licensing is made as easy as possible for those who keep the stations up and running behind the scenes.

Andy Harrower, Director of Broadcast, PRS for Music

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