PRS for Music & SACEM team up at MaMA Festival

PRS for Music is joining forces with SACEM to participate in seminars to discuss, evaluate and share new insights

Following the tremendous success of the MaMA Festival last year, the first cross-sector platform in France to combine networking and showcases for the music industry, PRS for Music is joining forces with SACEM to participate in seminars to discuss, evaluate and share new insights on the comparisons and similarities between the UK and French markets.

The event will be held on October 21st and 22nd in Paris and will include two days of live acts, conferences, debates and workshops.

The PRS for Music / SACEM programme:

Friday 21st October – Facing the music on both sides of the Channel: a comparative study of English and French markets


  • Will Page, Chief Economist, PRS for Music
  • Claire Giraudin, Studies Manager, SACEM

Saturday 22nd October - Translating success from France to the UK and from the UK to France


  • Jules Parker - Membership Development Consultant - PRS for Music


  • Cécile Communal- Project Manager - Bureau export in London (Fr)
  • Jules Delattre - Agent - The Agency Group (Fr)
  • Ryan Farley - A&R - Warner Chappell (UK) 
  • Francine Gorman - Journalist - The Line of Best Fit (UK) 
  • Iain Watt - Funder and Director - Machine Management (UK)

The festival, which is expecting about 60 Artists from 15 nationalities and 15,000 visitors, is inviting all industry music professionals to meet their peers from France and Europe to see the best new and upcoming gigs and to meet a French audience. UK bands, such as Rodeo Massacre and Z-Star, who will be present at the Festival, will also be able to debate and ask their peers questions relating to the future of the music industry professions.


MaMA is a gateway to the French music market as well as being a genuinely international platform. It offers a rare opportunity for members to talk to their peers overseas, discuss issues relating to the future of the music industry, and to network with music companies from different countries.  By joining forces with our French counterparts, we’re demonstrating our commitment to those songwriters and composers whose careers are expanding into countries outside the UK – especially given the opportunities today for artists to reach audiences around the world

Jules Parker - Membership Development Consultant, PRS for Music
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