Manchester’s local gig scene voted best in UK

A new survey conducted by PRS for Music

A new survey conducted by PRS for Music, the not-for-profit organisation which represents 75,000 songwriters, composers and music publishers, gigs.

The survey which polled 3,000 individuals across the UK asked people if they thought that they had enough live music gigs in their local area.  The results revealed that Manchester had the greatest number of people has named the top five areas for local gigs in their area, beating London.

“I have enough local gigs in my area”

  1. Manchester – 77%
  2. Newcastle – 77%
  3. Nottingham – 73%
  4. Lancashire – 70%
  5. London – 68%

On average, just 48% of respondents felt that there weren’t enough gigs, despite 71% in Derbyshire saying that they did not have enough local gigs in their area.

“I do not have enough local gigs in my area”

  1. Derbyshire – 71%
  2. Somerset – 65%
  3. Yorkshire – 59% 
  4. Kent – 56%
  5. Essex – 54%

Local live music gigs are a great way to bring communities together and for people to discover local talent. Manchester has always been a hot contender as music capital of the UK, but we also thoroughly encourage venues in the surrounding areas, such as Derbyshire, to seek local talent and host more live gigs.

Barney Hooper - PRS for Music
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