Nexus metadata portal launched

Our new online tool allows you to check your music’s tunecode, ISWC and ISRC.

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Incomplete or incorrect metadata can impact how quickly and accurately you get paid royalties. 

We’ve launched a new tool, Nexus, which contains key metadata so you can check the main identifiers (including tunecode, ISWC and ISRC) we use to identify when your works have been used. 

In the Nexus portal you can look up your work, see if it’s included in the first phase of the tool’s launch, and if it is, view and check  the vital links we hold, including between sound recordings. Nexus will also make it easier to identify any incorrect information. Check out our help page to find out more. 

We know metadata can be complicated, but it’s key to getting you paid. If you want to learn more about how to make metadata work for you, check out the Get Paid Guide.

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