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We know the last 18 months have been incredibly difficult for many members, and for those who perform live, the devastating impact the pandemic has had on the live music industry has been especially hard. We want to help.

We’re delighted that people are slowly able to get back to enjoying live music in a safe environment. As it starts back up, we’ve launched ‘On with the show’, an initiative to provide support and resources to help you on the journey back to live performing. We’re just getting started, so there’ll be lots more to come over the next few months. 

So, whether you’ve been able to get back on the road again, or plan to do so in the future…

Join one of our webinars to hear more about performing live.

Find out how to tell us about your live and DJ performances and what royalties you can expect to be paid. The first webinar is on Thursday (9 September) with a further two in the coming weeks (Thursday 16 and 23 September), sign up now or find out more

For support on wellbeing, PRS Members’ Fund and BAPAM will be running a series of webinars with a focus on creativity and mental health that will:

  • Provide a safe space for you to reflect on the past year and your creative practice 
  • Build confidence and deal with the inner critic
  • Find your voice and understanding of what drives you
  • Build a network and stay connected  

To register your interest and make sure the webinars work for you, please fill in this survey

Look out for us at these festivals and events. We’ve got friendly representatives at the following:

  • Dot-to-Dot Festival, Bristol & Nottingham: 25 - 26 September
  • Ipswich Sound City: 1 - 2 October
  • Liverpool Sound City: 1 - 3 October
  • Wild Paths Festival: 14 - 17 October 
  • Focus Wales: 7 - 9 October
  • Swansea Fringe: 15 - 17 October

Keep an eye on M Magazine for coverage from the festivals.

As always, make sure you register your music and, if you have performed live in the last three years, report your setlists in order to receive any royalties you are due.

This is just the beginning; we’ve got lots more to come. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and M Magazine to get the latest updates.

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