UK music enjoys ‘bumper year’ in Queen’s Birthday Honours

Elvis Costello, Anna Meredith, Mitch Murrray and MIA are among the British musical talent to be honoured in the Queen’s Birthday List 2019.

Anita Awbi
  • By Anita Awbi
  • 10 Jun 2019
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Elvis Costello, Anna Meredith (pictured), Jonathan Dove, Mitch Murrray and MIA are among the British musical talent to be honoured in the Queen’s Birthday List 2019.

Costello received an OBE, Meredith an MBE, songwriter and former PRS board director Murray a CBE, classical composer Dove a CBE and MIA (aka Mathangi Arulpragasam) an MBE in the roll call, which was announced over the weekend.

They were joined by a raft of music industry professionals, including former PRS for Music executive Karen Buse (MBE), who’s now at BMI, Music Publishers Association chair and PRS board member Jackie Alway, Beggars founder Andy Heath (CBE) and Feargal Sharkey (OBE).

Michael Dugher, chairman of the industry trade body UK Music, said: ‘These honours are a fantastic achievement for UK Music and mark a bumper year for the British music industry.

‘I’m particularly delighted for our founding chairman [and Beggars chairman] Andy Heath. Over many years, he has worked tirelessly to fundamentally change the perception of the UK music industry in the corridors of power and ensure we get a seat around the table and that Government listens to our views.

‘There is no doubt that the voice of the UK music industry is stronger, more unified, more respected and more influential, and that is down in large part to the talent and personal dedication of Andy Heath. He richly deserves this important honour as well as all of our gratitude.

‘I’m also really pleased for Jackie Alway. She has been a passionate voice for music publishing and she too has represented UK Music with great distinction, including on international trade matters. Her impressive professional career and her role as Chair of the MPA has been a great asset to us all.

‘And it’s excellent news that UK Music’s first CEO and my good friend Feargal Sharkey has been honoured. He made a significant contribution on behalf of our industry and he remains a role model for working class kids everywhere who want to get out there and make great music.

‘I know there are others in the music industry who deserve recognition. I am determined that our industry continues to have a powerful voice and that UK Music goes from strength to strength as an industry organisation that is second-to-none.”

Full list of music-related recipients:
Jonathan Dove (CBE)
Feargal Sharkey (OBE)
Jackie Alway (OBE)
Andrew Roachford (MBE)
Anna Meredith (MBE)
Karen Buse (MBE)
Jackie Davidson (MBE)
Andy Heath (CBE)
Mitch Murray (CBE)
Alfie Boe (CBE)
Joanna MacGregor (CBE)
Dee Ford (CBE)