Tool launched by Abba’s Björn Ulvaeus to receive £1 million grant

Funded by YouTube and Spotify, Session Studio will transform the industry’s ability to correctly reward creators for their work.

Maya Radcliffe
  • By Maya Radcliffe
  • 17 Nov 2021
  • min read

Session Studio has announced financial backing from Spotify and YouTube, with a grant of £1 million given in support of its mission to ensure fair credit and reward for creators.

Using mobile, desktop and web apps to provide a companion tool for music creators to seamlessly collaborate, log and distribute vital information to industry partners, Session Studio is already integrated with digital audio workstations worldwide.

The apps promise the easy capture of audio, lyrics and most importantly, credits. The aim is that it will enable the relevant users to digitally send accurate data to music industry stakeholders using international data standards at the press of a button.

By simplifying the collection and distribution of all the necessary songs and recordings data, Session hopes to transform the industry’s ability to correctly reward creators for their work. The apps are also available to collection societies to enhance their ability to seamlessly integrate with Session Studio. 

Founder of Session, Bjorn Ulvaeus, said: 'Creators should be allowed to make music together without having to worry about the administration around metadata. But, millions of creators miss out on fair payment and credit for their work due to inaccurate song or recording information. The music industry deserves better and I’m convinced that Session’s apps can help it become fairer and more transparent. We’re delighted that two of the biggest DSPs are now supporting our mission, and look forward to other DSPs joining this collaboration.'

Head of songwriter and publishing relations for Spotify, Jules Parker, said: 'While the internet era has helped advance the music industry in so many ways, the sharing of crucial metadata and context around the creation of the song -- who wrote what and in what proportion, among other things -- has unfortunately lagged. Session’s much needed technology helps musicians seamlessly embed, share and receive credit for their work from the initial point of creation. What they’re doing for musicians is so important, because not only does it encourage deeper connections with fans and create more opportunities for future work, it can help facilitate more accurate and timely royalty payments.'

Director of music publishing, YouTube, Carletta Higginson said: 'Solving the lack of ownership information in the music publishing industry remains an ongoing challenge and one which YouTube is committed to fixing. We're thrilled to be supporting Session's mission to invest and innovate with the ultimate goal of ensuring composers and songwriters are properly credited and paid for their work. Doing so will allow for continued creativity that music lovers around the world can enjoy.'

The Session Studio suite of mobile and desktop applications are available in beta, and will launch fully on 22 December 2021.