Acrylic – Money From Home

Watch the brand-new video for Acrylic's Money From Home, exclusively on M.

Bekki Bemrose
  • By Bekki Bemrose
  • 21 Mar 2019
  • min read
Andreas Chrsitodoulidis’ melancholic baritone is balanced out with iridescent guitar work on the Scottish outfit’s latest.

Since forming in Glasgow in 2014 indie-rock five-piece Acrylic have drawn comparisons to gothic post-punks Interpol, through fellow Scots Frightened Rabbit, and chief miserabilists The National.

Following the jangling guitars and anthemic sweep of I’ve Got Too Many Friends, released back in January, the band return with a video to accompany their shimmering break-up track Money From Home.

Andreas says: ‘The first verse centres around a peaceful moment, sleeping beside someone during a snowstorm and that feeling that the room becomes the entire world for a night. The second verse explores the onset of tiredness and the acknowledgement that you’re drifting apart gradually. The chorus and middle 8 represent acceptance and farewell.’

Dylan Moore, who directed the video, added: 'The music video for Money From Home is about coming to terms with a relationship which has come to an end, and this is manifested as a performance between two figures unfolding like a memory. Beginning with a passionate embrace, the figures eventually succumb to the tension that exists at the boundary between love and possession. The video is about taking off the rose tinted glasses, and realising that sometimes the best thing for both of you is to let go and move on.'

Watch the brand-new video for Money From Home below, exclusively on M.