Watch: SIPHO. – On the Road to the Great Escape

M Magazine caught up with multi-genre artist SIPHO. at The Great Escape 2022 in Brighton, to chat about the music ecosystem and his writing process.

Liam Konemann
  • By Liam Konemann
  • 11 Aug 2022
  • min read

The Great Escape is without a doubt one of the UK’s foremost musical showcases. Loaded with panels, conferences, networking events and of course live music, those four days in May are consistently some of the most anticipated in the industry’s calendar. 

With the festival having been conducted virtually throughout the pandemic, the 2022 instalment of The Great Escape was something of a homecoming. Over the course of this year’s festival, over 400 up-and-coming and more established artists took to stages across Brighton to play to eager punters and industry reps alike. Among these acts was SIPHO., the multi-genre artist who has quickly become one of the UK’s most exciting new artists. 

M Magazine spent time with SIPHO. in Brighton to talk about  the music ecosystem and his writing process, and to document his journey to The Great Escape, one rollercoaster and transit van at a time.

Watch it in full below.

SIPHO.’s EP She Might Bleed was released earlier this year and was widely praised by critics. She Might Bleed began as a study of hyper-masculinity, and as he wrote, SIPHO. found the subject matter always drifting back towards love. A richly textured work, the EP questions violence and love, men and women, and the ways we pass down our experiences to the next generation. Listen here