Fimber Bravo Part 2

Steel pan modernist Fimber Bravo is a sight to behold live, propelling the instrument's humble harmonics into a dark and broody place. Watch him perform Sinnerman.

Anita Awbi
  • By Anita Awbi
  • 28 Jan 2014
  • min read
Steel pan modernist Fimber Bravo is a sight to behold live. Combined with the electronic wizardry of Zongamin and the ample beat-shifting of drummer Georgia Barnes, he propels the simple harmonics of this humble instrument into a dark and broody place, allowing it to let rip at opportune hands-in-the-air moments.

Fimber is no newcomer to the steel pan, having spent the best part of 30 years traveling the world with his extraordinary rhythmic knack and melodic know-how.

His latest recorded offering, Con-Fusion, gathered a motley crew of distinguished contributors, from Hot Chip's Alexis Taylor, to Zongamin, Jonnie Wilkes and James Savage (Optimo/Naum Gabo), and featured in loads of 'Best of 2013' lists.

For our M magazine 50th issue party a little while back, we invited Fimber, Zongamin and Georgia down to play and they ruled the room. Watch them perform hypnotic classic Sinnerman below.

You can also go watch him yourself at his upcoming London solo gig on 6 February at Cafe Oto.