Power Up Playlist: Nova Twins

As part of our Black History Month curation, we asked south London-based duo and Power Up grantees Nova Twins to make us a playlist. Tune in.

Maya Radcliffe
  • By Maya Radcliffe
  • 22 Oct 2021
  • min read

Nova Twins are a genre-bending duo made up of lead vocalist and guitarist Amy Love and bassist Georgia South.

Acclaimed for their politicised mix of punk, metal and electro, Nova Twins are innovative in every element of what they do as artists; from designing and making their own outfits for photoshoots and stage-wear, to the art direction of their music videos.

Last year, Nova Twins were named Best Breakthrough Band at the Heavy Music Awards, taking a giant stride forward for women of colour in heavy metal.

Speaking on the win, Amy Love said: ‘It’s so incredible for us, especially as women of colour, winning these rock awards, because you don’t see it that often. Let’s keep pushing forward, keep diversifying the space – there’s room for everybody.’

South added: ‘It feels like a win for the whole community of POC (person of colour) alternative fans, the LGBT community, any minority group that feels that the doors were not open for them – this is another door open for us all.’

As part of our Black History Month curation, we asked the groundbreaking Nova Twins to make us a playlist. Over to Amy and Georgia.

H09909 - Mega City Nine

We love H09909, this is one of our favourite tracks to play in our dressing room on tour. They have such energy when playing live. They always get us in the zone.

Fever 333 - BITE BACK

This song is a banger! Fever is a great example of a band using their platform for the greater good! Their name stands for charity, community, and change and they act on that, on and off stage. They are so open and welcoming and one of the best live bands around!

Connie Constance – Prim & Propa

Connie has such a fresh take on indie alt music, she’s got a unique sound. We love the originality of her music

Aziyia - Slip!

A self-producing multi-instrumentalist, doing things her own way. We love how Aziyia takes control of her sound. When we first heard Slip! we just wanted to discover more! 

flowerovlove – Malibu

Joyce’s vocal tone is so effortless and we love how it contrasts against the abstract trap beats on the record. At 16, she has a strong identity, that most of us take a lot longer to discover. We are excited to see her journey.

Willow Smith – t r a n s p a r e n t s o u l feat. Travis Barker

It’s great to see so many women of colour taking charge of the rock-pop scene, Willow being one of them. t r a n s p a r e n t s o u l is an undeniable summer anthem! On first listen we loved it.

OBGM – Cash

They are another great band with loads of energy. The guitar riff throughout is the type that will grab the straightest suit by the collar and throw them into the mosh pit. 

KhX05 – Trouble

We discovered them in lock down and jammed so hard to this tune. It’s so unapologetically bad ass. It’s such a great pick me up for the days you need a reminder! 

Kid Bookie – Like I

We’re digging Kid Bookie, his flow on this track goes hard. We love genre defying artists and he’s certainly one of them.

Deijuvhs - Scumbag Anthem

If The Clash and Bloc Party had a baby, it would be Deijuvhs. They do everything their way. We can’t wait to see them live!

Nova Twins are going on a headline UK tour which is scheduled to take place in February and March 2022.