The Joe Strummer Foundation and Independent Venue Week present... Strummerville On Sea

Strummerville Foundation

The charity is bringing a blistering bill to Hastings this Independent Venue Week featuring Arrows of Love, Yowl and more. Tune in to the tracks currently on loop...

  • By Lucy Doyle
  • 2 Feb 2018
  • min read
The Joe Strummer Foundation has teamed up with Independent Venue Week to bring a smorgasbord of noisemakers to the seaside town of Hastings this Saturday (3 February) for an almighty live show you won't want to miss.

Taking place at beloved local venue Brass Monkey, Strummerville On Sea plays host to a blistering bill featuring east London noiseniks Arrows Of Love, garage rockers Bloody Knees, rock 'n' roll quintet Yowl, Bristol punks Lice and acerbic four-piece Heavy Lungs.

All proceeds go towards the Joe Strummer Foundation fund – set up in memory of Clash icon Joe Strummer – which provides opportunities to musicians and support to projects that create empowerment through music.

Ahead of the gig, the charity's Jamie Webb let's us in on the tracks currently tickling his earworm – from lo-fi wonders to all-out rap bangers.

Tune in below...

Idles - Well Done
A bit late to the party here but absolutely love this band, such great energy. Used to hang out with them on the dreaded Monday morning at the Strummerville Campfire at Glastonbury at which time I had know idea they were in a band and that the band was Idles - It was only when I bumped into them at the Adelphi in Hull and then saw them on stage that the penny dropped. Good people.

Chiedu Oraka - Flex
Chiedu is a rapper from Hull who is doing great things up there and beyond. Proud custodian of Hull. Excited to have him down in Hastings next month for Fat Tuesday Festival.

Life - Popular Music
Awesome band from Hull who are also flying the flag for the area and across Europe where they toured with Slaves last year. Fiercely independent DIYers who are brutally honest at times

Billionaire - Reasons to be Fearful
Topical lo-fi track from John Sterry who been involved with the Joe Strummer Foundation in various guises over the years.

Bless - Easy Lover
Part of the Strummerville family and are starting to get some deserved recognition.

Kid Kapichi - Ice Cream
Found out about these guys when I moved to Hastings a few years ago and booked them for a Strummerville-on-Sea show. They are starting to break out of the area now and are building a strong following.

Sleaze - Push Tuck (not on Spotify - listen here)
More of the Strummerville family, Dave the lead singer is an absolute wizard and was in two of my favourite bands Rum Shebeen and Ludes. Sleaze are just as good and this track is gold.

Lazytalk - Memories (not on Spotify - listen here)
Love the way the band cross genres on their tracks. This is an old one but they will have an album out later this year, definitely worth keeping tabs on.

Young Offenders - Your Daddy's Above the Law
Adelaide punks who crowdfunded their way to the Strummerville stage at Glastonbury this year. Top band.

Lyza Jane - Easy ft. Bisk

Strummerville-on-Sea takes place on 3 February at Brass Monkey.

For tickets and more info, visit the Facebook event.