My Pleasure

Lewis Young, aka My Pleasure, is responsible for some of the most weird and wonderful pop sounds to have ever emerged from the city of Hull. Here he picks the songs that have informed his sound...

Anita Awbi
  • By Anita Awbi
  • 20 Feb 2015
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Multi-instrumentalist Lewis Young, otherwise known as My Pleasure, is responsible for some of the most weird and wonderful pop sounds to have ever emerged from the city of Hull.

Through just a couple of releases, Lewis has tempted our eardrums with his fast and loose arrangements, which carry echoes of electronic pop greats Whitey and LCD Soundsystem.

Alongside his solo work, Lewis champions likeminded acts through his Adult Teeth record label, including dream-pop quintet La Bete Blooms and ambient-leaning Mt Judge.

Here, he reveals the songs that have shaped his tastes and informed the label.

You’ll hear a jumble of classics old and new, including a couple of fresh cuts from Hull natives La Bete Blooms and Foolish Atoms…

The Chap: Remember Elvis Rex
I don't know how I discovered The Chap, but I know I tried to (lovingly) rip them off immediately. I stopped doing so when I realised that only The Chap can produce something as good as The Chap.

Wave Pictures: I Love You Like A Madman
I love the way David Tattersall takes small details from life and sings about them as if they are the most important things in the world. I smile a lot when I listen to Wave Pictures albums.

LCD Soundsystem: Us v Them
I first heard LCD Soundsystem when I was 17, I think, and it completely changed my approach to music. Out went the rubbish acoustic love songs and in came the disco drum beats.

The Fall: How I Wrote Elastic Man
I've seen The Fall live a few times now and there's nothing quite like it. Totally shambolic, but I'm certain that despite evidence to the contrary, Mark E Smith knows exactly what he's doing.

La Bete Blooms: TV Speak 
Foolish Atoms: How to Stay Solid Under a Sky of Gas
In addition to playing as My Pleasure, I also run a record label called The Adult Teeth Recording Company, so the only new music I tend to hear at the moment is what's going on in my home town of Hull. That's far from a bad thing though. So here's two of my totally biased choices from the Hull music scene.

Thee Oh Sees: AA Warm Breeze
The best thing about discovering Thee Oh Sees was realising they have a massive back-catalogue already, and they continue to release about two albums a year. A constant supply of good stuff.

Ty Segall: Girlfriend
As with Thee Oh Sees, Ty has put out about 3,000 albums and he too is a master when it comes to distortion.

Frank Zappa: Who Are the Brain Police?
Hearing Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention's first three albums had a massive effect on my music tastes. Frank ripped apart all notions of music and reassembled them again in his own image. Musically brilliant, but also very, very funny. However, I would like to pretend that everything he put out in the eighties and nineties didn't happen.

Django Django: Hail Bop
The echoes of the much-missed Beta Band in the sound of Django Django is welcome (their drummer is the brother of Beta Band's John Maclean), but they're also producing a sound I haven't heard anywhere else. The harmonies and double-tracking on the vocals fill me with sheer delight.