Shabaka Hutchings

Playlist: Onefest

Award-winning British jazz ace Shabaka Hutchings is curating OneFest 2020. You can attend OneFest at Leadmill, Sheffield on 7 March and EartH, London on 14 March.

Maya Radcliffe
  • By Maya Radcliffe
  • 21 Feb 2020
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Each OneFest venue will host a daytime programme of talks and workshops, chaired by journalist and author John Robb and musicians such as Ahnansé (Steam Down), SK Shlomo, Ross Gautreau and Skinny Pelembe. The events are designed to educate aspiring young music industry professionals across the North-South divide.

Both London and Sheffield will also host a next-level evening programme of music, with unique one-off collaborations across generations of British Jazz, including Steve Williamson, Leafcutter John with StringTing (Tomorrow’s Warriors), Maisha with Nat Birchall and Okumu, Herbert, Skinner Trio with Byron Wallen.

The good folk behind OneFest made M Magazine a playlist to give our readers a taste of what’s store. Tune in.

Shabaka Hutchings – Black Skin, Black Masks

Shabaka is the OneFest curator and will have a presence across the entire event. An inspirational artist, who shares the ethos OneFest encouraging and supporting the next generation of talent.

Nat Birchall – Nica’s Dance

Nat will be collaborating with III Considered, and appearing on the Generation Next panel sponsored by Ivors Academy.

Dave Okumu, Dave Herbert, Tom Skinner – Timeless Pt. 1

Okumu, Herbert and Skinner are a brilliant jazz trio who will be performing with Byron Wallen.

Rhiannon – Major Ascending, Minor Descending

Rhiannon is one to watch and will be performing with Steve Williams and Leafcutter John.

Marockin’ Brass ft. Byron Wallen – Rock in Brass

Byron Wallen is an incredible accomplished jazz musician with a great reputation and will be collaborating with Okumu, Herbert and Skinner.

Ill considered – Dawn Lit Metropolis

III Considered will be appearing at OneFest in collaboration with the artist Nat Birchall.

Mock Deer – Twisted Forms

Our OneFest Showcase winner as voted by the public and will be performing at both our Sheffield & London dates.

Jelly Cleaver – VI II V

OneFest Showcase winner as voted by the public and again will be performing at both the Sheffield & London dates.

Shlomo – Invisible

We are excited to have Solomon as our OneFest panellist for the the ‘Mental health in Music Vs Horse Racing – Lets Keep the Conversation Going..’ discussion.

Bang Bang Romeo – Shame On You

The exciting artist will be a OneFest speaker on our ’North South Divide – Bridging the Gap’ panel discussion.

Mark Hanslip + Javier Carmona – ffs

Mark Hanslip is our OneFest Showcase winner who will be performing at both the London and Sheffield events.