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Playlist: NZCA Lines

Following the release of his album Pure Luxury, we asked NZCA Lines to make us a playlist for the heatwave weekend. Tune in.

Maya Radcliffe
  • By Maya Radcliffe
  • 7 Aug 2020
  • min read

Taking its name from the Peruvian geoglyphs, NZCA LINES is the solo musical venture for Michael Lovett, who has previously played guitar/synthesiser on Christine and the Queens’ recorded material and has performed as part of Metronomy. His previous two LPs earned critical acclaim on both sides of the Atlantic and found Lovett opening for the likes of Conan Mockasin and Django Django as well as performing at Glastonbury.

NZCA Lines’ album Pure Luxury dropped back in July. You can listen to it here.

Watch the video for the title track below.

We asked NZCA Lines to make us a playlist for the weekend. Tune in.

Rosalia - Pienso en tu Mira

I had to come back to this track. It's one my favourites - Rosalia has now (very cleverly) pivoted into the reggaeton world, but her 2018 record is a masterpiece. This track in particular is beautiful, strange chord structures and melodies, and amazing production.

Gabriel Gonzan-Montano - Aguita

I really liked his track Golden Wings from a couple of years back, which is totally different - soulful harmonised vocals, a bit Prince-y. He's done a full 180 with this track - Latin trap, I guess. I like how bold he is with switching up musical styles and inhabiting different personas.

Ozuna - Siguelo Bailando

Ozuna is Puerto Rican reggaeton artist - he's actually someone Rosalia more recently collaborated with. This track in particular has an emotional backbone to it which I love. I spent a lot of lockdown in Brooklyn, and you'd hear stuff like this being blasted from cars passing by on the regular.

Major Lazer - Que Calor (ft. J Balvin & El Alfa)

El Alfa is a big Dominican dembow artist - dembow is huge in the Caribbean and South America, but not yet as popular as reggaeton worldwide. I think Diplo has a knack for tapping into genres quite quickly .. it was only a matter of time before Major Lazer made a dembow track.

Myd - Together We Stand (Bastien Doremus 12" Club Mix)

Myd is a fantastic, weird French artist on Ed Banger records. He's got a hilarious persona but also makes great music. This is a banging club mix of his most recent single by my friend Bastien Doremus, who mixed a track on my new album, and is a general dude.

Oni Ayun - OAR 003-B (Original Mix)

This is one half of The Knife, the brother .. he's got a knack for synth hooks that get lodged in your head, and it's nice to hear him in the context of a long-form dance track. Let it build!

Jessie Ware - What's Your Pleasure?

Jessie Ware's new music is great, there's quite a few collaborators on it but I believe the overseeing eye is James Ford. I love this track - definitely Donna Summer vibes, and a great chorus. I also really like the post-chorus wobbly synth chord hook, it's a great part.

Drake - Teenage Fever

I recently moved house, and my wife is a big Drake fan, so we listened to a lot of Drake whilst packing. I have a lot of respect for the J-Lo sample in this track.

Digable Planets - La Femme Fatale

I heard this track recently and was floored by the lyrics - they are so on point and very political, covering the topic of abortion rights in acerbic clarity.

Shabazz Palaces - Are You.. Can You.. Were You? (Felt)

Hearing Digable Planets again reminded me of Shabazz Palaces - I loved their first record, which this track is from, and Ishmael Butler is in both groups. Digable Planets is way more far out, spacier and abstract than Digable Planets. It's great to hear his range when listening to these tracks together.