Playlist: No Such Thing

Ahead of the launch of new independent record label No Such Thing, we asked the team behind it to make us a playlist for the weekend.

Maya Radcliffe
  • By Maya Radcliffe
  • 19 Feb 2021
  • min read

With a commitment to championing diversity through its roster and fusing music with the visual arts, record label No Such Thing is set to challenge the status quo in a time of great industry and societal flux. Founded by Dirty Freud and Ruby Tingle, who between them have over 20 years in the industry, No Such Thing launches on Friday 26 February.

‘What sets No Such Thing apart is our commitment to giving a voice to artists from under-represented groups - whether that’s ethnicity, sexuality or disability,’ explains co-founder and honorary northerner, Dirty Freud, an electronic musician and music producer.

‘We’re passionate about levelling the playing field in the music industry. That’s why we’ve set the ambitious target of 70 percent of releases to come from LGBTQ+ and Black and minority ethnic artists. As a Black artist myself, I know that doors don’t always open that easily if you don’t fit the mould. Or if they do, you’re expected to fit into a stereotyped box. We’re here to challenge that, to empower our artists and give them back creative control.’

Ahead of the label launch next Friday, we asked No Such Thing founders Danni and Ruby to make us a playlist. Tune in. 

Ruby's picks:
Aurora - Churchyard 

Love this artist so other worldly and has a mythical element to her which i’ve 100% bought into.

FKA Twigs - Water Me

This song and FKA Twigs as a whole captures an honesty in the music which you don’t see a lot and that's why I had to pick this song.

Sevdaliza - Hubris 

Love the vulnerability in the sound created by Sevdaliza, the emotive nature of what she does really makes boxing an artist like this impossible.

Danni/Dirty Freud's picks: 
Oxymorrons - Green Vision 

Met these guys when they were in the UK and love how they make a sound which is true to them, not their stereotype, they do things their own way so respect them and the music smashes it.

Sophie - Faceshopping 

Sophie was an artist for me who change the game and to see someone making great music and so comfortable in their own skin is something i’ve always admired, so will always think about that when thinking about this particular artist.

Eckoes - Cages

Big fan of this artist lyrically always great and has this electronic soul sound that runs throughout the material. Proper stands outs.

No Such Thing picks:
Kaspa - Better Days

This artist has the lo-fi sound all wrapped up and we’re so excited for his first release on the label such a chilled way of creating music.

Jaayns - Warrior 

Love the way Jaayns throws down lyrics especially in this song, such a good rang and has an effortless style. Again can’t wait for releases with us.

Szou - Dystopia 

Is going to be the first artist to release with the label, we love the subjects covered in her songs and her fusion of electronica and pop is such a breath of fresh air

Iora - Minotaur Mind 

Iora is another one we are so excited about because her sound is so fresh and new, yet has a familiarity to it proper buzzing to be honest.