Lucia & The Best Boys

Playlist: Lucia & The Best Boys

Following the release their Let Go video, we asked Lucia & The Best Boys frontwoman Lucia Fairfull to make us a playlist. Tune in.

Maya Radcliffe
  • By Maya Radcliffe
  • 12 Jun 2020
  • min read

Glasgow four-piece Lucia & The Best Boys have a thunderous, eighties-influenced energy. 

Formerly known as LUCIA, the band changed their name to reflect their updated line-up. Now joined by guitarist Dillon Squire, the Scottish outfit have kicked off this new era with some powerful releases.. 

Having followed their much-loved EP Eternity with their solemn new offering Let Go at the beginning of May, Lucia & The Best Boys are back again with a impassioned video to accompany it. You can watch that below.  

We asked Lucia & The Best Boys frontwoman Lucia Fairfull to make us a playlist. 

Tune in.

Hole - Malibu  

This song is so simple and sweet, it will forever be one of my favourite songs. I feel like I can listen to it at any point in the day and no matter how I am feeling, I never get sick of it. 

Madonna – Burning Up

I went through a very heavy Madonna phase at one point, I still listen to her all the time, but I think listening to her helped me push a lot of boundaries in my own music. I wanted to add the same energy she has in everything she does. 

The Kills - Last Day of Magic

Midnight Boom is one of my favourite albums. I feel like it has the perfect balance between being amazingly trashy but also has such quality to it. The whole album takes me to a different place and this is one of my favourites off it. 

Stevie Nicks - No Spoken Word 

I don’t know one Stevie Nicks song which isn’t hooky as fuck. Her voice is so inviting and warm but can turn so jagged and aggressive so quickly. It’s addictive, especially this one. 

Cherry Glazerr - Daddi

Another one of those songs where I think ‘Why didn’t I write that?’ It’s so gripping, it’s like watching an intense film when it gets to the chorus. I just want it to come back around as quick as possible. 

Caroline Polachek - Door

Caroline is my new craze. Her voice sounds like it’s invincible, I like this one in particular because I think it resonates with me in maybe a different way it does to her. I like it when my songs do that for people, too.  

Young Fathers - Border Girls 

One of the best things to come out of Scotland. I like the way in which this song layers and keeps surprising you with something new the whole way through till the end. 

Boy Harsher - Morphine

This song doesn’t sound like it was made in 2016. When I want to turn to something different I like listening to Boy Harsher, this song in particular because I like how dark but dreamy it is, two of my favourite things to feel from a song put together. 

Walt Disco - Cut Your Hair 

I like how cheeky this song is. It so full of personality. I think because I know them personally it makes it even better. My favourite line is: ‘In search of sweetness, you missed all the spice’. 

Collapsing Scenery - I Never Knew

This song is strange in the most wonderful way. It sounds so minimal but there is actually a lot going on but it all fits so well together, it’s makes me feel nostalgic, I’m not sure why!