Lady Sanity

Rap powerhouse Lady Sanity takes us on a musical tour of her home city of Birmingham on the playlist this week, showcasing the best Brummie tunes right now.

  • By Alex Rusted
  • 17 Aug 2018
  • min read
Rap powerhouse Lady Sanity takes us on a musical tour of her home city of Birmingham on the playlist this week, showcasing the best tunes coming out of, or inspired by, the Brummie scene.

With an inimitable flow and cutting, poignant lyricism, Lady Sanity established herself with a series of releases over the last 2 years including her For Figures EP, all of which placed her firmly at the forefront of Birmingham rap.

This weekend she plays The Project SoundLounge Festival in Birmingham Town Hall before heading out on the Welcome To My City tour, which sees her headlining The Flapper on September 1st and supporting fellow Punch artists in 4 other cities across the UK.

But before that all kicks off, our poet laureate of Birmingham’s underground hip-hop scene offers up her favourite tracks from the city for your listening pleasure.


Elektric - Meditate:

As one of the locals that have inspired me regularly, Meditate is one of my favourite tracks to chill to. Elektric always presents a tone of calmness and positivity.

Kofi Stone - Stories In Pyjamas:

I’m a big fan of Kofi’s lyricism. He delivers so much realism you can’t help but relate to his music. S.I.P is one of my go to tracks if I ever need to showcase Birmingham rap.

Afro Queen- Moves:

Although I’m still new to this Queen’s music I’m a big fan. There’s a grittiness to her flow yet her choice of beats create such a perfect mellow vibe.

Odd Soul - Movies:

This group is a perfect example of how amazing & unique Birmingham’s music scene is. I can’t recall how I found their music, but they put an amazing spin on modern jazz. One of the best locals I’ve heard live.

Call Me Unique - Shoulda:

One of the gems of the city. Until this song I was use to mainly seeing Unique live; giving smooth and soul melodies to the crowd with the occasional scats, but Shoulda proves the depth of her talent. This shows a grittier and darker side to her music with heavy bass driven leads & a powerful chorus.

TrueMendous - OTYL:

Definitely one of the leading female rappers in the city. This is my favourite TrueMendous track; I just love how comfortably her tone and flow sit on the track. Being a fan of old school hip-hop this track also stands out to me as one of the best songs out of Brum within the genre!

Jaykae & Dapz OTM - Froggy:

Two of the front runners for the Birmingham scene right now, Froggy has an amazing, dynamic production and delivery. Jaykae stands out on any track, proudly projecting his Brummie accent with heavy bars, and I always admire when Dapz is able to show his diversity with his singing capabilities as well as his lyrical skill.

Lady Leshurr - Black Panther:

Leshurr has been putting the city on the map for years now, so it’s only right to credit how far she’s come. Her freestyles always hold an aspect of fun & you can tell she enjoys her craft, which is inspiring to see. Black Panther is one of her most recent freestyle releases and one of my favourites from her.

C4 - Block & Delete:

I was glad to see the return of C4 when this track popped up on my radar. I remember seeing his videos/Myspace songs at school and loved the fact he was being given the spotlight he deserved despite his age. Block & Delete encapsulates the hype C4 always brings with his music and to top it off has that classic bassline vibe to it.

Lotto Boyz - Birmingham:

I couldn’t really make a list & not include the Birmingham Anthem in it. The Lotto Boyz have made massive moves in a short space of time for themselves and for the Brum scene.