This week’s playlist is curated by Manchester’s post-punk feminist wizards ILL.

Bekki Bemrose
  • By Bekki Bemrose
  • 25 Oct 2019
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This week’s playlist is curated by Manchester’s post-punk feminist wizards ILL.

Having slayed 2018 and 2019 with a stunner of a debut album, a UK tour supporting The Lovely Eggs and riotous show in the fancy pants surroundings of the Elgar Room at The Royal Albert Hall, ILL are back.

The band are seeing out the year with the fanfare of their ace new single Kick Him Out The Disco and a sting of UK shows.

Turning up their punk irreverence to 11 and dressing it up with disco dazzle, ILL have hit stupendous new heights with their latest track.

Check out the video below, then dig into the playlist to see what tickles Ben Nield, Whitney Bluzma, and Fiona Ledgard musical fancy…


Space Bass – Slick (1979)
This is a beautiful cosmic disco track that I heard when partying in Berlin. I love how the lyrics are about the fact that people will be still be dancing in the year 3000.

Screen Shot – Swans (2013)
I saw them play this live at the Ritz in Manchester a few years ago and I had a ridiculous natural high from their music. Incredible.

Right Now! – The 1865 (2019)
This is a track about Harriet Tubman, a woman who escaped from slavery and rescued slaves via the Underground Railroad. The 1865 are based in New York. Fiercely political, extremely cool.

People’s Faces – Kate Tempest (2019)
This is a track about the dire state of this country right now, and that fact that we need to embrace connection and community, and make time for more empathy, compassion and respect for others.


Echo's Answer – Broadcast (2000)
A sublime piece of music. Those eerie, shivering synthesizers leave me breathless. I love how the whole song breaks down and dissolves into feedback at times, like a lonely signal travelling light years into outer space.

Shaking Hand – Women (2008)
This is a gem of psych pop perfection, guitars just teetering on the edge of chaos as the rhythm section rushes forward through some pretty avant-garde time signatures. They were such a thrill to see live, like a lightning bolt of pure, unhinged energy. I really miss them.

Bam Bam (DnB Mix) – DJ Defkline and Red Polo feat. Sister Nancy (2007) [not on Spotify]

This has got to be my favourite dance track of all time. It takes Sister Nancy's divine dancehall anthem "Bam Bam" (1982) and lifts it to another level. It brings back many joyful memories of going to underground raves in the early 2010s.


Deliver Me – Diamanda Galás (1986)
In about 1996 an old friend of mine found this in his grandma's charity shop but hated it and thought I'd appreciate it, which I still really do! As it says on the label, 'Listen at full volume' and stick with it.

Prema (solo version from Piano Jazz Radio Show) – Alice Coltrane (1981)
I don't play piano but if I did I'd like to be able play it from the same dimensions of skilfullness and deep feeling as Alice Coltrane.

Suction Prints – Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band (1978)
A song which seems to do everything including GROoVE.

Kick Him Out The Disco is out now via Box Records.

Forthcoming tour dates:
14 November The Soundhouse, Leicester
15 November The Victoria, London (London Launch)
16 November TST Alldayer, Brighton
22 November The Ferret, Preston (supporting Bilge Pump)
29 November The Golden Lion, Todmorden

Photo credit: Mirko Lazzarin