Playlist: 25 years of Hospital Records

Hospital Records are embracing their 25-year anniversary with compilation album, H25PITAL. To celebrate the release, we asked co-founder Chris Goss to make us a playlist.

Maya Radcliffe
  • By Maya Radcliffe
  • 26 Mar 2021
  • min read

To mark their 25th year as one of the most esteemed imprints in dance music, Hospital Records unleash a ground-breaking dose of 25 brand new remixes, reworks, covers and VIPs of NHS classics, combining pinnacle Hospital figures and friends of the label for an all-encompassing celebration of drum and bass.

H25PITAL embarks on a journey throughout the past, present and future of Hospital Records, featuring the likes of Dillinja, S.P.Y, Flava D, DJ Marky, Unglued, Makoto, Loxy & Ink, Mitekiss, Nookie and more. Their quarter-century birthday commemorations raise the bar once again as a variety of sounds and styles come together for a 174BPM compilation like no other.

To celebrate the release, we asked Hospital Records' co-founder Chris Goss to make us a playlist of tracks that span the last 25 years.

Tune in below. 

H25PITAL is released today and available here

Cyantific feat. Matrix - Cover Story

One of my favourite ever Hospital album projects is the Ghetto Blaster album. Brilliantly pieced together, it's rich in ideas, but this cut with Matrix just never gets old... takes me back to the adventure, and pure joy of our first Hospitality residency in Shoreditch in 2003. Glory days!

Seba and Paradox feat. Robert Manos - Move On

Released in 2005, this is such a classic. Our only release with these guys, but it's pure Hospital music. And a special moment to have Robert sing it live at our Beach festival in Tisno, two years ago.

Nu:Tone - Missing Link

Dan Gresham is like Hospital's very own Gandalf. He has become an essential, unique wheel in the machine, both as artist, A&R and our own wise, resident advisor. His beautiful new album Little Spaces kicked-off our 2021, but this naughty bassline roller from the early days gets me every time.

S.P.Y feat. Diane Charlemagne - Dusty Fingers

Carlos Barbosa de Lima Jr is not just a great score in Scrabble, he's become one the most popular figures within the d&b scene, with his own standout legacy across our catalogue. We were blessed to work on many different projects with the positive energy and sheer brilliance of Diane, and this track captures both her, and Carlos' trademark power and artistry. We all miss her deeply.

Landslide – Drum + Bossa

Tim Landslide is the unsung hero of our founding years. He was a key figure in our first studio explorations, played in the first (and second) incarnation of London Elektricity Live, and his (D&B)ossa album was way ahead of its time, pushing the formative sounds of 'broken beat'.

Flava D -  Return To Me

It took us too long to sign our first female artist, but we're extremely proud to have Flava D on the roster. Her very first d&b track with us from the Sick Music 2019 project sounds straight-up like a timeless, Hospital classic.

Marcus Intalex and ST Files - Taking Over Me

Out Patients is an over-looked, early compilation series that expressed the broadest landscape of so many alternative feels and tempos we love. So very sorely missed, Marcus (and Lee) contributed this beautiful slice of deep breakbeat soul 20 years ago. 

Bop - Beach Simulator 3D

This guy is a genius. Since his iconic debut Song About My Dog, Alex has delivered consistent creative innovation to an unsuspecting world. And frankly in our 25th year, we can do what we like... Is it d&b? No. Is it brilliant? Absolutely.

Degs feat Unglued - Levitate Your Mind

Two special signings from our recent wave of talent; Andy Degs and Josh Unglued are both in their own lanes, building brilliant career paths. Very fond memories of seeing them unveil this together on a Hospitality boat party in the Croatian sunshine.

London Elektricity - The Plan That Cannot Fail

One of my all-time Tony favourites from an artistic legacy that is deep, unique and ever-lasting. Produced in the year my brother passed away, it always makes me emotional. And forever hopeful.