This week Birmingham rock band Editors take over M’s Friday playlist.

Bekki Bemrose
  • By Bekki Bemrose
  • 6 Dec 2019
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This week Birmingham rock band Editors take over M’s Friday playlist.

Having formed in 2002, the band have recently released the best-of compilation Black Gold.

Meanwhile, the group have also launched the online space ‘The Black Gold Achives’ as a means for fans to share their memories of the past 15 years and explain what each track means to them.

To celebrate the album’s release and archive launch we have handed playlist duties over to Editor’s Ed Lay, who shares some of the band’s favourite tracks. Dig in…

Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie – ABBA
We have used this as our entrance music for a while, as we found it unexpected and rousing, and slightly at odds with the mood we usually tried to create with our music. Black Gold is the title of our best of, and I like the irony of having a compilation that tips its cap to one of the greatest selling and world conquering pop albums of all time, ABBA Gold.

Fell on Black days – Soundgarden
We were on tour when we heard that Chris Cornell had sadly passed away, and we all have a soft spot for the way that Soundgarden packed power and emotion into their songs. This is a great example of musical melancholy.

Gold digger – Kanye West
A true dressing room favourite, totally pumps up the pre-show vibe whenever we turn it on.

Wonderful life – Black
This is the style of music that we can all appreciate in the band. Its mid-eighties dark synth pop at its purest, and Tom liked it so much that he and Andy chose to cover it (brilliantly) on their 2011 Christmas record, Funny Looking Angels.

Black Gold – Soul Asylum
It would be remiss of me not to include a song actually called Black Gold... This really reminds me of hearing my brother playing Grave Dancers Union on repeat in the early 1990’s through the bedroom walls.

Heart of Gold – Neil Young
Say nothing about it, just play it and enjoy it again and again.

Goldfinger – Shirley Bassey
I love a dramatic Bond theme. I’d love to have been able to sit in front of the conductor as they recorded this – I probably would have wept with happiness as those first trumpets appeared at the intro.

Fools Gold – The Stone Roses
Although I just missed out on being swept up in the music of the Roses, I definitely appreciate the groove of them, and this monster track particularly. I’ve also sweatily danced my night away to it in indie clubs all over the world.

Hate or Glory – Gesaffelstein
This is really cool industrial dance music. I love the vibe of his rhythms and the videos are always so high end. This one features a gangster who steals the gold jewellery from his enemies and melts it down and bathes in it. Pretty dark, but pretty slick.

Escape the Nest – Editors
I thought I’d chuck a little bit of our stuff in, as Escape the Nest encapsulates our second record to me, and the cover of that was this beautiful image of a gas holder shimmering in black and gold. It’s a powerful anthem kind of song, and I remember listening to the first mix down in the studio (It was the first song we had recorded for the session) and just knowing we were making the exactly right kind of record for us.