Decolonise Festival

This week’s playlist comes courtesy of the folks behind Decolonise Fest. Dig in…

Bekki Bemrose
  • By Bekki Bemrose
  • 28 Jun 2019
  • min read
This week’s playlist comes courtesy of the folks behind Decolonise Fest. Dig in…

Decolonise Fest is a festival taking place on 29 to 30 June at DIY Space for London created by and for punx of colour. It started as a space to showcase the music of punk bands we knew and loved in the scene today and has evolved into a space where we can celebrate those who came before us and create a path for future punx of colour.

There are so many innovative people of colour in the punk scene right now it’s hard to narrow this playlist down, but we did our best. Many of the bands on this playlist will be playing Decolonise Fest this year so if you like what you hear get your ticket for Decolonise.

Weedrat – Baby
Navajo feminist punx Weedrat will be joining Decolonise Fest all the way from Albuquerque, New Mexico. The band makes music that is fast, raw and unapologetically angry. Their songs focus on indigenous rights, reproductive justice and Indigenous feminist movements, which are still far too underrepresented in the UK. We fundraised to bring them over so we can’t wait to see them live.

Best Praxis – We Fell
After forming in 2017 at First Timers, a festival for bands playing their very first show, Best Praxis continued to work their way up through the DIY punk scene. This song shouts about fighting to have your feelings legitimised in a society that undermines queer people of colour.

Cecilia – They don’t want me to be happy, they just want me to be quiet
Made up of people from Brazil, Mauritius, the Canary Islands and the UK, this queer thrash metal band's sound is as eclectic as their members. This song from their latest EP, Restautaurando El Metal, shouts about the anger that boils in you from being silenced.

Immigranti – Act Your Age
Having only formed in the past year, Immigranti's sound is already showing promising signs. Featuring Momoe Tasker of GUTTFULL - the now defunct band who played last year's Decolonise Fest - the band describe themselves as an anarcha-queer POC band. “Act Your Age” is a raw, fiery display of punk energy.

Electric Fire – Club Smash
Electric Fire fuse hip hop, house, techno and more to make fun electro-pop music you can dance to. Represented by Heart n Soul, a London creative arts agency for people with learning disabilities, catch them setting the party tone at Decolonise Fest.

Handle – Rubber Necks
The Mancunian group make experimental, frenetic post punk propelled by dancing basslines and breakneck drum beats. “Rubber Necks” is a DIY punk dance party track that incorporates pots and pans from under the kitchen sink into the rhythm section of the song.

Screaming Toenail (pictured) – Teach Yourself to Fail
Screaming Toenail sing about the exhausting reality of living in a colonial country - whether it’s dealing with white saviours, bigots, or that annoying guy at the party who claims he’s not racist because he’s dating a mixed-race girl. Their tongue-in-cheek style has made them darlings of the DIY punk scene for years, and a big influence on the next generation of punx of colour.

th’sheridans – Architecture
The DIY incongru-pop duo make indie pop tunes that are often flourished with the melancholy sounds of the viola. “Architecture” documents the simplicity of life in the suburbs that can be simultaneously mundane and comforting.

Decolonise Fest takes place 29 to 30 June 2019 at DIY Space for London. Tickets are available here.

You can also donate to the festival’s crowdfunder for Weedrat here.