Copper Sounds

Ahead of the UK tour, Copper Sounds have curated a playlist that offers some insight into their influences and also acts as a springboard for discovery...

Bekki Bemrose
  • By Bekki Bemrose
  • 1 Feb 2019
  • min read
‘We made this playlist as more of a list of inspirations rather than tunes that we love right now, and hope that it might spark you to research a bit more into each artist, as you can’t really get what they are about just through just one tune,’ say Bristol-based duo Copper Sounds.

The duo expand the boundaries of conventional DJ sets by juggling four turntables and employing unusual objects such as copper records, homemade reverb plates, ceramic sculptures, and stone.

Their primitive turntablism forms part of OUTLANDS latest tour, Ecstatic Material, which is led by London-based producer and artist Beatrice Dillon and artist Keith Harrison.

Ahead of the UK tour, which takes place between 7 - 15 February, Copper Sounds have curated a playlist that offers some insight into their influences and acts as a springboard for discovery...

Moondog – Fog on the Hudson
Moondog (aka the Viking of 6th Avenue) was a genius. We like how this piece is both poetic, informative and also funny.

Luc Ferrari – Didascalies
We both went to see the film The Favourite on separate occasions. Sonny went first and said that there was some music in it that reminded him of Copper Sounds and told me to look out for it. Minimal, repetitive and goes on for ages – that’s Copper Sounds all over. For some reason it is really quiet on Spotify, so turn it up.

Christian Marclay – Groove
Christian Marclay is a G, he got us into this sort of thing. I bought a record of his from an art gallery about 6 years ago, it was the first piece of ‘art’ I ever bought and got me thinking about the difference between art and music. Check out all the work he has done with records and also guitar drag here.

Valentina Magaletti – Improvisation No3
She is my favourite drummer ever, and in this piece she’s playing a ceramic drum kit – right up our street. If you don’t know her, get to.

Cevdet Erek – Abluka Final
Another sound artist. I got introduced to this guy with his show at Spike Island – it was one of the most minimal shows I’ve ever been too. I think there were about four flat speakers on the four walls and then you walked up this scaffold ramp into a central room that was… completely empty. Sounds pretentious but was actually really good.

Beatrice Dillon – Curl
This is one half of who we are supporting on the tour, I’ve still never heard another tune that has these sonic qualities, apart from maybe something bruce (shout out). If you play this one at 33 instead of 45 it really unfolds.

Test Department – Arddyledog Ganu
This is the only test department song on Spotify - they are absolute metal heads, industrial legends and have done some mad stuff in their time. They existed outside the traditional galleries and really pushed some boundaries.

Heddaoua Storyteller – Heddaoua
Heard this while in Morocco recently, pretty intense.

Steve Reich – It’s Gonna Rain
He’s experimenting with tape loops, exploiting and playing with recording and playback equipment, phase shifting, a dark undertone. We love it. Also, this inspired us to try the technique of phase shifting with decks and two identical dubplates we had cut.

Charles Hayward – Postcode Scam
Drummer from This Heat. Thank you to Howard Jacques for introducing us to him. Check out his album Survive The Gesture as well.

Aphrodite's Child – The Four Horsemen
Band featuring Vangelis & Demi Roussos. If you don’t know 666 by these guys, have an evening in and listen to it.

John Cage – Dream
I think John Cage is serious about what he did but didn't take himself too seriously which can be important and helps when trying new ways of making and he has zen to be admired. The conceptual ideas around Cage’s work and his use of ‘chance’ is inspiring. Also check out his prints and visual scores, they’re great.

Sun Ra – Nuclear War
Sun Ra is a pretty cosmic dude and he has inspired us to communicate with aliens through music.

King Tubby and Augustus Pablo – Keep on Dubbing
If we could make a dub album doing it the way we do, I would be a very happy human. The sound systems, the dubplates, the reverb, the bass, the offbeat, the repetition and the hypnotic rhythm I feel like all this plays a big part of Copper Sounds in one way or another. So here is a banger by two legends.

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