Ten days left to vote in the 2022 PRS Members’ Council Ballot

PRS is encouraging Voting and Principal Voting members to make their vote count. Voting happens online and closes at 5pm on Friday 22 April.

Maya Radcliffe
  • By Maya Radcliffe
  • 11 Apr 2022
  • min read

The 2022 PRS Members’ Council Ballot is open and PRS is encouraging all Voting and Principal Voting members to vote for those they’d like to see elected before the 5pm 22 April deadline.  

All voting happens online this year through the PRS website. If needed, eligible members can check back to the voting instructions that were emailed or posted to them on 24 March. 

Who are the PRS Members’ Council? 

Led by a Chair, Nigel Elderton, and Writer President Michelle Escoffery, The Members’ Council is made up of PRS Writer and Publisher members and is focused on making sure PRS is in close touch with the views, concerns and needs of its members. 

Its other priorities are strategic oversight, reviewing company performance and holding the Board to account. It approves the corporate strategy, annual budget and accounts, and the appointment of CEO and Board members. 

A Council Member’s term of office lasts three years. At the end of each term, Council Members need to retire, but can put themselves forward for re-appointment, subject to a limit of five three-year terms in total.   

Who is standing this year? 

This year there are: 

  • Twelve writers standing for four Writer vacancies 
  • Seven publishers standing for four Publisher vacancies

What happens next? 

Results of the Ballot will be announced at the PRS Annual General Meeting (AGM) at 3pm on Wednesday 25 May. In the meeting members will also be able to hear from the Chair, Nigel Elderton, vote on resolutions, ask questions and receive the annual report and accounts.  

For the first time, this year’s AGM will be held as part of the London edition of PRS Members’ Day, which will also include panels, speeches, Q&As, networking and live music. 

Members will soon be contacted with full details about the day and how to sign up, including joining the AGM.  

If you are a PRS member, you can find out which voting category you belong to by checking your monthly newsletter. Find out more