The Board

At our AGM last year, our Principal Voting and Voting members voted in changes to the way we are governed. Most of the changes affect the Members’ Council (previously the PRS Board). 

The Board (previously known as the Executive Board) has largely remained the same, apart from the name change and the reduction in the composition, with the Members’ Council Chair no longer being a member of the Board, but attending as an observer. Members of the Board are appointed by the Members’ Council and each term of office lasts three years, with a limit of three terms in total.

The Board sets the strategy for approval by the Members’ Council and supervises the operations of PRS for Music. This Board meets regularly throughout the year and is governed by its own Articles of Association.

The Board is now made up of:

  • Four publisher directors
  • Four writer directors
  • Four independent non-executive directors (including the Chair)
  • An executive director (our CEO).

At the end of each term members of the Board need to retire, but can put themselves forward for re-appointment. 

The Board is supported by committees that are made up of director members from the Board and Council members from the Council and some of the committees have representation from the MCPS Board. They meet regularly throughout the year.

Independent Non-Executive Director and Chair

Stephen Davidson
Stephen Davidson

Writer Directors

Steve Levine
Steve Levine
Dru Masters
Dru Masters- Deputy Chair of the Members’ Council
Julien Nott
Julian Nott
Philip Pope
Philip Pope

Publisher Directors

Jackie Alway
Jackie Alway - Universal Music Publishing
Chris Butler - Wise Music
Simon Platz
Simon Platz - Deputy Chairman (publisher) Bucks Music Group
Antony Bebawi
 Antony Bebawi - Sony/ATV

Independent Non-Executive Directors

Erica Ingham
Erica Ingham
Tom Toumazis
Tom Toumazis MB - Senior Independent Director 
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Nigel Elderton
Nigel Elderton - Chair of the Members’ Council

Executive Director

Andrea C. Martin
Andrea Czapary Martin (CEO)
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