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Warner Chappell Production Music, part of the Warner Music Group family, is a global leader in music production and creative supervision.

With over 35 years of experience, we offer creative solutions that travel worldwide, leaving you more time to perfect that edit.

Our diverse catalogue is home to a range of sounds and styles, including grime, pop, rock, blues, jazz, classical, world cultures, epic hybrid orchestral and an authentic archive going back 80 years. With 100,000+ tracks at your fingertips, you’ll never be short of music and inspiration. We can also provide orchestral-sized bespoke projects via our two US-based studios located in Nashville and LA.

The UK has a dedicated team of music connoisseurs who can help find that perfect flavour to spice up your edit. We’ll respond to your brief before your coffee gets cold! Hear us on the likes of BBC, ITV, Netflix, RTÉ Television, and many more. WCPM will take the stress out of finding music solutions for your projects while providing the exceptional service you deserve.

Our catalogues

  • 2nd Foundation Music
  • 615 Platinum Series
  • Acoustitracks
  • Anarchy Music
  • Attitude
  • AudioActive
  • Audio Attack Production Music
  • Audio Attack Trailer Series
  • Café Moondo
  • Chapel Of Rock
  • Cinema Sound Tools
  • Color TV
  • CPM
  • CPM Archive Series
  • CPM Classical
  • Ear Drum
  • Elbroar
  • Elephant Sound Design
  • EMH Classical Music Library
  • Enterprises Sonor
  • Essential Elements
  • Full Tilt
  • Future Pop
  • GAS
  • Glory Oath + Blood
  • Gold Series
  • Gothic Hybrid
  • Gothic Storm Music
  • Gothic Storm Toolworks
  • Graphic Sound Design
  • Gravity
  • Groove Addicts
  • Hot Tag Media
  • Ignite
  • Impressive Minds
  • Indiesonics Library
  • Infini
  • Kingsize
  • Library of the Human Soul
  • Lovely Music
  • Massive Bass
  • Mathambo
  • Metro
  • Midcoast Music Artist Songs
  • Midcoast Music Special Occasions
  • Midcoast Music Wired
  • Mind Benders
  • Minim
  • Naked Music
  • Non-Stop Premiere
  • Non-Stop Producer Series
  • OIL
  • One Air Time
  • Perfect Pitch
  • Piano For Film
  • Postcards From The World
  • Production TRX
  • Promo Accelerator
  • Really Slow Motion Music
  • Revolución
  • Scaremeister
  • Score TRX
  • Scoring Stage
  • Silent Methods
  • Songcraft
  • Special Requests Library
  • Tenth Dimension
  • The X-Motion
  • TRX Music Library
  • True Life Music
  • Ultimate Crime & Drama
  • V-The Production Library
  • Warner Chappell Music Italiana
  • Who Did That Music
  • Xtortion Audio
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