Stormcues Ltd

Stormcues Ltd

Stormcues is an innovative, publishing firm dedicated to providing music production and post-production services for the film, television, videogame, multimedia and motion picture advertising industries. High end pre-cleared music from our catalogue is available to clients for worldwide commercial licensing and synchronization in broadcast media.

Headquartered in London, we use world class musicians to provide a breathtaking musical experience, utilising state of the art music production facilities alongside traditional Hollywood and contemporary scoring techniques, to provide a patented brand of powerful and evocative music that elevates the immersive experience. 

Our melodies will give you goosebumps. Our harmonies will touch your soul. Our composers work with full live symphony orchestras recorded on the world's finest scoring stages. 

Prepare to be riveted. 

Prepare to be thrilled. 

Prepare, for The Next Generation in Original Scoring. 

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