Online Productions

Online Production rates are applicable to general interest or general entertainment content.  Different rates apply to promotional or branded content productions intended for online use.  Please review the information below to ensure the licence you apply for covers you for that type of production.

Our online production rates cover, but are not limited to:

  • General interest/entertainment content (amateur or professional) made for broadcast on video sharing and social media platforms e.g. YouTube
  • Films or series that are made available online
  • Online productions available for retail sale via streaming or download providers (includes audio/audio visual books)
  • Podcasts (refer to podcast rate)
  • Worldwide usage

Important: Online production rates do not cover the following types of production:

  • Advertising 
  • Branded Content
  • Film Trailers/teasers
  • Program Promos
  • Productions which promote events/exhibitions
  • Crowdfunding videos

The production types above are classified as promotional and would need to be covered by alternative rates

If your production includes branding or in any way promotes a product, exhibition or service, please refer to our Adverts,  Branded Content and Corporate rates

Unsure which rates to use?  Please refer to our Guide to licensing Online Content

If your production is a film trailer/teaser, please refer to our trailer rates.

If you wish to licence a program promo, please contact the licensing team –

Online Productions

Per 30s unit Per Track Short term programming rates - unlimited music in 10 min episodes
Per Episode
£70 £150 £200

Podcast (audio only)

Per Track Per Episode
Single Track Podcast
Series - single track in
unlimited episodes
within a 12 month
Podcast Series -
unlimited tracks in
unlimited episodes within
a 12 month period



£1,000 £2,000

Podcast series deals by negotiation

Call +44 (0) 20 3741 3888

Additional information

Are you hosting your content on your own website?

You will legally need a Performing Right Online Licence (PROL) if you host audio and/or audio-visual content on your site (ie. not on an external platform such as YouTube or Vimeo). Find out more about PROL rates.

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