Performing Right Online Licence (PROL)

Who needs this licence?

If you have pre-cleared the mechanical rights separately for your digital service, you’ll need to licence the performing rights with PROL.

What this licence covers

PROL covers the communication to the public of our members' repertoire through digital services.

How we calculate the licence fee

PROL is charged in units of £87 plus VAT, which grant you a set amount of streams or downloads for your service during a 12 month term. The greater the usage, or the more services you offer, the more units you’ll need. 

Music Services

Audio only or audio-visual services where music is the primary focus of the content.

Service Type

1 unit (£87)

2 units (£174) 3 units (£261) 4 units (£348)
Streamed on Demand
Maximum Number of Streams Per Annum
45,000 streams 90,000 streams 135,000 streams 180,000 streams
Background Music for Website
Maximum Number of Streams Per Annum
120,000 streams 240,000 streams 360,000 streams 480,000 streams
Permanent Download
Maximum Number of Downloads Per Annum
5,000 downloads 10,000 downloads 15,000 downloads 20,000 downloads
Ringtone Download
Maximum Number of Downloads Per Annum
1,000 downloads 2,000 downloads 3,000 downloads 4,000 downloads
General Entertainment - Streamed on Demand
Maximum Music Hours Streamed Per Annum
3,200 hours 6,400 hours 9,600 hours 12,800 hours
General Entertainment - Background to a website (akin to webcasting) 8,500 hours 17,000 hours 25,500 hours 34,000 hours
General Entertainment - Permanent Download
Maximum Music Hours Downloaded Per Annum
350 hours 700 hours 1,050 hours 1,400 hours


Streams or downloads allowed per £87

Streamed on demand

up to 45,000 streams

Background music for website

up to 120,000 streams

Permanent download

up to 5,000 downloads

Ringtone download

up to 1,000 downloads

General Entertainment

For audio-visual services, where music is not the primary focus of the content, music hours are calculated by multiplying the amount of time that users spend watching content by the percentage of music that’s in the content.

For example, if a video containing three minutes of music is streamed 20,000 times, then 60,000 minutes or 1,000 music hours have been used. This is within the number of streams allowed for a single on demand licence unit.


Streams or downloads allowed per £87

Streamed on demand 

up to 3,200 music hours

Background to a website (akin to webcasting) Up to 8,500 music hours
Permanent download up to 350 music hours

Apply for a licence

Once you’ve read the terms for this licence, simply complete the form below and submit your application to us online. During the process, you will be required to upload the musical works that you intend to use. Please use the PROL Musical Works Usage form to record these.

Please read these terms before completing your application.

Download Terms and Conditions

Contact our online licensing team

If you need advice or have any questions about your application, you can email us at

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