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Established in 1957, our catalogue of (mainly) instrumental light classical, big band, jazz and easy listening recordings numbers over 3000.

We have tracks by notable composers such Ronald Binge, Peter Hope, Madeleine Dring, Marcus Dods, Wilfred Josephs, Ronnie Hazlehurst, Bryan Kelly, Ernest Tomlinson, Eric Wetherell, David Lyon and many others. Our recording artists include Orchestra Raphaele, the Perry Gardner Orchestra, and bands led by Franco Chiari, Jack Wolfe, William Gardner, Neil Richardson and many, many more.

We are also know by our trading name of 'EditionUK'.


Office 12, Hilliard House,
Hithercroft Industrial Estate,
Wallingford, Oxfordshire
OX10 9TA
United Kingdom

Telephone: 077-1228-2182

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