KPM Music

KPM Music

KPM Music is the quintessential production music brand. As one of the longest-running, best-loved and universally respected library music companies, it is the original music for synch blueprint. Championing quality, variety, and a roster of world-class talent as diverse as the catalogue, KPM continually sets the standard for others to follow.

KPM was born out of London’s fashionable Denmark Street, the vibrant home of music producers, publishers and hit makers. Originating from a partnership in 1830 between two musical instrument makers, Robert William Keith and William Prowse, the company later merged with the Peter Maurice publishing company and began operating as KPM (Keith Prowse Maurice) in 1960.

The sixties kickstarted the golden age of television and KPM was the go-to music company of the time, providing some of the most celebrated themes in TV history. From Wimbledon, Grandstand, Animal Magic, Grange Hill and Mastermind to famed USA classics such as The People’s Court and Monday Night Football, these revered pieces of pop culture are still notorious today and made household names of KPM songwriters including Keith Mansfield, Alan Hawkshaw, Brian Bennett and Syd Dale amongst others.

60 years later, and after 10 years operating as EMI Production Music, the company has gone full-circle and rebranded back to the original flagship brand, KPM. Now with its deep musical heritage the catalogue is not only globally celebrated by the industry’s premier music supervisors and creators, but also sought out and widely sampled by some of the most famous commercial producers – including Jay-Z, Drake, Gnarls Barkley and Fatboy Slim.

An iconic production music catalogue for the more discerning user, KPM is a rich, deep well of musical genius created by experts, for experts.

Our catalogues:

  • KPM
  • Music House
  • Sparkle and Burn
  • The Real Fifth
  • Selected Sound
  • Ded Good
  • Omni
  • Nightingale
  • Castle
  • Coloursound
  • Jump
  • Patchwork
  • Berry Music
  • Francis Day Hunter
  • Radio Program Music
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