Jam Production Music

Jam Production Music

Jam Production Music is the library arm of Jam Music Publishing Ltd and was set up in 2020 to be the UK sub-publisher for Post Haste Music and Burnett Music Group.

Established in 2008, PHM (Post Haste Music) is a full-service one stop shop and catalogue for television and motion picture advertising that creates original sound design music and fully orchestrated scores for trailers, commercials, television, and film. As a company, PHM maintains freshness in its music catalogue by providing the highest production quality, securing the most innovative talent and taking the most unusual approaches to composition. The catalogue is comprised of over 2800 sound design cues, and 1400 fully orchestrated cues.

Burnett Music Group is a full-service entertainment company inclusive of Artist Management, Music Publishing, Film and TV Production and a Record Label. Their music library consists of about 6,000 tracks, all recorded especially for TV and Film. Their roster includes 25 award winning composers who have written for major networks such as ABC, CBS, FOX, DISCOVERY, HULU etc. and their music appears in a who’s who of current hit TV shows The Apprentice, Beat Shazam, Masterchef Junior, Temptation Island, The Bachelor, Shark Tank, Masked Singer.. the list goes on!

Jam Production Music Catalogues

  • Sasel Sounds (Post Haste Music)
  • Swopie Songs (Post Haste Music)
  • Burnett Production Music
  • Music By Burnett Productions
  • Songs Of Bonfire Music Group
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