Boost Music

Boost Music

Boost Music is an independent production music company.

Our aim is to provide a more personal and individual alternative to the corporate world. We’re ready and waiting to pitch ideas (at no cost) for your programme, promo or commercial.

'We represent high end ‘boutique’ labels. Each has its own unique identity and approach to creating lovingly crafted music. Labels available via Boost include Zone, Liftmusic, Poke, FLAVA Of The Month, BoostTV, Big Screen, Beats Fresh, Counter, Ear Parade, Fresh Ear, Minds And Music,, Parigo, Pitch Hammer Music, Annihilation [powered by] Pitch Hammer, Playground Hollywood, PMOL, Point Classics, Stereo Royal, Story Recordings and Superstore.

All tracks are available on our download site or on our hard drive, Boost Drive.

Boost are also able to re-mix and edit existing tracks or write something to your brief using any of the composers featured in our collection, so if you are interested give us a call.

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