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BAM is an independent creative production music library set up by 3 composers - Nicolas, Jean-Luc and Bastien - who specialize in commissioned music for TV + Radio and are based in Paris + Montreal.

BAM’s team is built of composers, producers, supervisors, music lovers and seasoned music professionals. We are passionate about creativity and have an acute level of expertise and understanding of the power of music and how to harness its potential for storytelling. Taste and creativity is fundamental to what we do, yet we believe function and simplicity is key.
BAM consists of 3 different labels BAM, BAM Box, BAM Artist Series. 

The main BAM label delivers the latest electronic, pop and indie trends through to outstanding documentary, drama, orchestral and trailer tracks. BAM BOX is a label focused on all of essential sounds of music for synch and the BAM Artist Series label showcases the work of a carefully curated selection of up and coming artists.

Our services include free music searches, curated playlists, a commissioned music service, a re-versioning service and bespoke edits of existing tracks within the catalogue.

Our catalogues:

  • FineTune Music Library
  • Ultraphonic Music: The real sonic alternative, drawn from the electronic underworld, shaped and presented by genuine electronic music originators; providing a unique source of music within a highly focused bandwidth; the creativity and quality of today’s leading boutique record labels, in production ready format; setting trends rather than following them.

Our mission is simple | a commitment to originality, high production values and to crafting the perfect soundtrack to bring your visuals to life.

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