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Audio Cartel, born in 2021, is a power music house, specializing in immersive audio solutions for web3 and the Metaverse, curation of premium niche music labels, custom sound design, and bespoke music for video creators and content users big and small.

AC's lines of products:

  • A library music catalog with more than 5,000 tracks for TV, Film, Advertisement, and Independent Content Creators
  • Audio solutions for the web3 and Metaverse experience, in particular specializing in immersive and spatial audio, simply a one-stop shop for individuals and companies needing audio solutions for web3

Established by Amit Weiner and Oded Fried-Gaon, accomplished producers/composers with over 30 years of combined experience in the field of library & theatrical music. After many years of working with Universal, Warner Chappell, and BMG among others, Amit and Oded decided to create their own collective, and Audio Cartel was born.

Our Values:

We believe wholeheartedly in collaborations. We select our partners diligently, and commit to a longstanding, honest, hard-working and satisfying relationships.

Audio Cartel packages sound dreams you can have in this universe and beyond, by marrying art, picture, video, and sound to create little personal gems of significant value; everlasting musical treasures. You can buy sell trade transfer give & own any of these artistic treasures, which you can invest in them partly or wholly, but one thing is certain: You are free to choose what dream to own, and in what way to use it!



Bnei Efraim 205
Tel Aviv

Telephone number:

(+972) 5479-1180

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