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Amphibious Zoo is the ultimate production library with an irreverent sensibility for fresh music and innovation.

We are world-renowned for trend-setting genres, cutting-edge music, and superior sound quality. Our musical styles are fresh and contemporary, gaining broad international appeal with every new album release.

From our first ground breaking success with the Suspended series the catalogue has grown exponentially, covering genres such as Dubstep, Electro Pop, Big Beats, and Dark Cinematic styles among many others. Amphibious Zoo continues to innovate and evolve, taking on new and emerging styles, adding to our already robust catalogue of music. We strive to raise the bar for production music and continually reach new heights in sound quality, creativity and style.

Our catalogues:

  • Alchemy Music
  • Alchemy Trailer Tools
  • Audio Monkey
  • Kurt Bestor Music
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