Amazing World Music

amazing world music

Amazing World music is a small boutique library of wonderful, emotional and groovy, music from around the world, especially crafted for all types of film and TV projects, advertising, and websites.

As we are a comparatively small library, we don't have hundreds and thousands of tracks for you to wade through, just a rapidly growing collection, created by a team of musical collaborators from around the world.

Our site has been constructed not to impress via distracting, flashy logos, images and videos. Instead, it has a calm and no-nonsense display to help you quickly find what you are looking for, with few visual distractions.

Most of the catalogue is available as downloadable MIX-SETS, (zips of versions and stems).

However, should a track still need some specific tweaking, our in house studio can quickly adjust a track to your specific needs, just get in touch via our site contact info and we will get right onto it.

We can also create a totally new track to fit your brief, that will be licensed directly through your MCPS membership – Just give us the brief, and if you are happy with the result, we will do all the rest.

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