Ringtone licensing

Who needs this licence?

Companies selling or offering any kind of ringtone to be downloaded to a mobile phone.

What rights are covered in the licence?

This licence covers the communication to the public, and associated mechanical rights, of our members' repertoire in the form of ringtones downloaded to mobile phones. This includes ringtone previews. 

This licence excludes ringtones that use more than one minute of music and ringtones that are being used for advertising or sponsorship. The music must also not be adapted, arranged or synchronised with images.

How we calculate the licence fee

Royalty rates are calculated based on the greater of the relevant percentage of Gross Revenue that’s generated by the service and the minimum fee per use, as follows:

  • 12 percent of revenue is charged for realtones, which are official sound recordings that have been licensed from the record label with a minimum fee of 10p per realtone downloaded.
  • 15 percent of revenue for all other types of ringtone. These are mostly mono and polyphonic tones. There is a minimum fee of 15p per ringtone downloaded.

The licence fee is charged quarterly, with usage to be reported within 21 days of the end of each quarter.

Apply for a licence

Once you’ve read the terms for this licence, simply download and complete the application form. Then return this us at the following address.

Online licensing
Broadcast and Online
PRS for Music
1st Floor, Goldings House
2 Hays Lane

Please read these terms before completing your application.

Download Terms and conditions.

Contact our online licensing team

If you need advice or have any questions about your application, you can email us at

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