General Entertainment Online Licence (GEOL)

Who needs this licence?

Digital services that offer general entertainment content to a UK audience. Whether you buy in programming or produce the content yourself, if the material contains our members' repertoire you need a licence.

What this licence covers

GEOL covers the communication to the public of our members' repertoire and associated mechanical rights in general entertainment content (TV programmes and films) that is made available on demand.

It does not include the right to synchronise music into programmes and trailers. 

If you're operating a music service, please see our online music licences.

How we calculate the licence fee

For content that is made available by download-to-own or on demand rental, we calculate the fee as the greater of:

  • 2.5 percent of applicable revenue for the download or rental OR
  • the following minimum fees



1p per programme for on demand rental

3p for on demand rental

3p per programme for download-to-own

10p for download-to-own

For all other kinds of general entertainment services, including subscription, free to consumer or advertising funded, please contact us at

Apply for a licence

Once you’ve read the terms for this licence, simply download and complete the application form. You can return this us at the following address.

Online licensing
Broadcast and Online
PRS for Music
1st Floor, Goldings House
2 Hays Lane

The terms and conditions for this licence are currently under review and will be uploaded as soon as possible.

Contact our online licensing team

If you need advice or have any questions about your application, you can email us at

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