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If you are planning to use music online in your business, you need the Digital Music Licence for Business. This licence is for individuals and organisations who wish to use music online, providing no revenue is being derived from its use. 

This licence gives businesses the rights to more than 38 million works PRS for Music represents, for the purposes of streaming, previewing on demand clips, and audio-visual content via downloading and on demand streaming . 


  • If you wish to use music in your advertising campaigns, sponsorship, or in corporate videos for conferences, B2B promotional use, or any product launches etc. You will need a separate synchronisation licence. 
  • No public performing rights are granted via this licence and should not be confused with Tariff I – Music in the workplace, administered by PPL PRS.
  • Sound recording or master rights
  • If you are using music from a musical, opera or theatrical show, please note the permitted excerpt limitations and restrictions within the terms & conditions for Dramatico-Musical works. 

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