Music promo products

The AP4 licence

The music promotions to trade licence allows you to manufacture and distribute audio and audio-visual products for the promotion of a CD single or album release to individuals or companies operating in the music industry. It covers the following formats:

  • CD
  • Vinyl
  • Cassette
  • Other audio formats agreed with MCPS


0.5p per track x quantity manufactured. There is no maximum track or quantity limit.

Apply for an AP4 licence

Royalties must be paid before products are manufactured.

  1. Apply for AP4 online (terms and conditions within)
  2. We send an invoice (within 10 days of receiving the application)
  3. Customer pays invoice (within 28 days of issue date)
  4. Your licence (sent with the invoice) is now valid

Extending an AP1 or AP2 licence

If AP1 or AP2 promotional allowances are exceeded, the excess units are licensable under AP4.

Existing AP1 and DVD1 licence holders have the option to report to MCPS the manufacture of Music Industry Promotion products every calendar quarter with their AP1 and DVD1 shipment reporting.

More information

Other licences you may need

For music products that are provided free of charge to companies or individuals outside of the music industry, please refer to Using music online.

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