Music brings your business to life

Here at PRS for Music we provide music licences to organisations, which gives them permission to play the millions of songs created by our songwriter and composer members and the members of our affiliated societies around the world.

All our lives are richer with music. By taking out a licence with us, you are helping to ensure that music creators are paid for the important contribution to improving your business that they make.

We provide licences for all types of organisations – from cinemas to cafés, community centres to pubs, restaurants, shops, bars - and everything in between.

Nearly 90 percent of the licence fees we collect goes back to music creators in the form of royalties. We only deduct our administration costs.

Watch our new advertisement to see how music makes businesses better:

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Two-thirds of small business owners say that music in the workplace makes their staff more productive

Source: Vision Critical survey in April 2012 among UK businesses

Find out how to get licensed now

How much you pay for a licence depends on the type and size of your business. For example, a large nightclub will pay a different rate compared to a small office or hairdressers. Our prices start from as little as £50.

Call our Licensing Team today on 0800 694 7307 or email to find out more.

For more information about the music licences we offer, please visit our music licences for businesses page.

Visit our customer portal full of resources and rewards to make your music work harder for your business.

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